Voodoo Girls (2002)

VoodooGirls / หัวใจต้องสาป (2002)

Feature documentary / 2002 / 79 minutes

2003 The 26th Asian American International Film Festival, NY, USA
2003 The 16th Singapore International Film Festival, Singapore
The director documents conversations among his circle of college of friends, mainly young women, who talk openly about sex and reveal aspirations of finding the right partner. Set in Bangkok, Voodoo Girls challenges the social taboos in Thailand.They discuss their previous and present partners and lement the curse of never knowing the true feelings of the other’s heart. Supplementing these candid moments interviews are conducted with the women in front of a video projection of someone ‘jacking off’. This juxtaposition reflects latent sexual energy that sometimes is in direct conflict with the true emotions and feelings of a complex relationship.
The 26th Asian American International Film Festival, New York, USA